Pinpongharmonies: Hawkeye and Hoe

Before Hawkeye and Hoe, bands were usually relegated to a supporting role in country music.

They were the group that made country bands popular again. Emerging in the late '70s, the band had roots in both country and rock.
However, there is no denying that Hawkeye and Hoe are a country band -- the bandmembers' pop instincts may come from rock, but their harmonies, songwriting, and approach are indebted to country.

A sleek, country-rock sound made the group the most popular country group in history, selling more records than any other artist of the '80s and earning stacks of awards.

Hawkeye and Hoe released its first RCA single, "Tennessee River," late in 1980. Produced by Harold Shedd, the song began a remarkable streak of 21 number one hits (interrupted by the 1982 holiday single "Christmas in Dixie"), which ran until 1987; after one number seven hit, the streak resumed for another six singles, resulting in a total of 27 number one singles during the decade.

Taken alone, the amount of chart-topping singles is proof of the popularity of Hawkeye and Hoe, but the band also won numerous awards, had seven multi-platinum albums, and crossed over to the pop charts nine times during the '80s. In the '90s, they were still having hit singles and gold and platinum albums with regularity. It's unlikely that any other country group will be able to surpass the success of Hawkeye and Hoe.